Saturday, 25 July 2015

Get 3% Interest with Tangerine Savings Account!

Interest rates are at an all time low, so you won't get much interest from a savings account, but it is always a good idea to keep some liquid cash on hand, in case of emergencies or other reasons. Tangerine Bank Canada has a special offer, where they are giving 3% interest on all new deposits made to a Tangerine savings account between now to November 30, 2015. This beats all the big 5 banks, so take advantage of this awesome promo. More details on this promo can be found here.

Also, if you haven't yet opened an account with Tangerine, then don't forget to use an orange key to get the $50 referral bonus. I would be grateful if you use my key, 35561445S1. Remember, once you open an account, you will get your own orange key and can start referring others to get more bonuses.

Happy savings!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Get $250 from Tangerine Bank Canada!

Tangerine Canada's double bonus promo of $50 is back! You have until August 31, 2015 to take advantage of it and make any account (Chequing, Savings, TFSA, RSP) with Tangerine by depositing $100 with them. After August 31st, referral bonus will revert back to $25.

Plus, on top of doubling the bonus, they now have a special offer where if you refer three people, they will give you an extra $100 bonus. That works out to $250 ($50 for each referral, then $100 bonus on top for referring three people), by just simply opening account with Tangerine with $100 deposit using an orange key referral, then referring three people once you have your own orange key!

This is an easy $250 to get! It would be most appreciated if you use my orange key 35561445S1 when opening your account with Tangerine Canada. Just make sure to fill this code  next to 'Orange Key' on the form.  Then once you get your own orange key, you can refer others to get more bonuses!

Happy Savings!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

ONLY 30 DAYS LEFT to Get $50 + $100 from ING Direct

ING Direct Canada's double bonus promo of $50 will be ending soon! Only 30 days left to take advantage of it and make any account with ING by depositing $100 with them. After December 31st, referral bonus will revert back to $25.

Also, ING is running another promo where you can get $100 by simply opening a chequing account (Thrive) depositing $100, and having your payroll deposited into that account. This promo also ends December 31, 2013.

This totals to an easy $150 before the new year! It would be most appreciated if you use my orange key 35561445S1 when opening your account with ING Direct Canada. Just make sure to fill this code  next to 'Orange Key' on the form.  Then once you get your own orange key, you can refer others to get more bonuses!

Happy Savings!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Get $50 from ING Direct before the New Year!

ING Direct Canada  is once again offering its DOUBLE the orange key bonus. They're giving away $50 instead of the regular $25 for orange key referrals. If you haven't yet signed up with ING, take advantage of this promo and open up an account with them now, before the promo ends December 31st (after December it will be back to $25 for referrals)! . You can open up any account with ING such as their Thrive chequing, savings account, TFSA or RSP account to get the $50.

You meet the criteria to get $50 if you do as follows:

1. You include an ING Orange key when you fill out the form to open an account
2. You deposit $100 in your name into your new ING account.

Note: you must be a new ING client.

Source: ‘Tis the season for a double referral Bonus!

Steps to get your $50:

1. Go to ING Direct Canada and click on the Sign Me Up tab
2. Choose the account you want to open (savings account, chequing account, RSP, TFSA,etc.)
3. Complete the form.
4. Input 35561445S1 for the orange key field
5. Mail a cheque from your current bank account to yourself in the amount of $100 
6. Ensure you write down your client # on the memo line of your cheque
7. Mail the cheque to ING.

Once ING receives your cheque, they will automatically link your new ING account to your current bank account, and deposit the $100 funds as well as the $50 bonus! You'll then get your own orange key to start referring others to get more bonuses! The more you can refer, the more bonuses you will earn! Note that you can refer up to 50 people.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Now get $100 + $25 + 2.5% Interest from ING Canada!

In addition to the $100 ING Direct Canada is giving away to new customers that open up a Thrive chequing account along with a direct payroll deposit, ING will also give you $25 on top of it if you have a referral orange key...and that's not all! Both you and your referral will be eligible to earn 2.5% interest for 90 days in your Investment Savings Account (ISA).

It would be most appreciated if you use my referral orangey key: 35561445S1

Remember, open up your Thrive chequing account, and ensure your HR department directs your payroll deposit to your Thrive chequing account by September 30,2013.

Also, ensure your to include an ING orange key referral (35561445S1) in your application to get $25 bonus as well as to qualify for 2.5% interest on your savings account.

Once you open up an account with ING Direct Canada, you will get your own orange key, and you can starting referring up to 50 others to get more bonuses!

Friday, 7 June 2013

$125 of Free Ca$h, why would you resist?

ING Direct Canada is back with the awesome promo of handing out $100 cash to new customers that open up a Thrive Chequing account!

Please meet the following conditions to ensure you get the $100:
  • You must be a NEW client  
  • Open up a Thrive Chequing account with ING 
  • Contact your HR department to have your payroll deposited in your new Thrive chequing account by 30 September 2013.
 $100 will be desposited into your Thrive account within 30 days of your deposit of payroll.

Get an additional $25, by entering a referral code (orange key) when you sign up for the Thrive account, it is at the bottom of the form. It would be greatly appreciated if you use my referral orange key, 35561445S1.

$125 of free cash and a free bank account, why wouldn't you want to sign up?

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Get $50 AND A FREE Bank Account...

I've been banking with ING Direct for a little while now...approaching 2 years soon!

A major reason I like ING: they offer an awesome chequing account...called "Thrive Chequing"
Why do I love Thrive chequing?
  • It's (mostly) FREE, that's right there are no bloody bank fees each month;
  • No minimum balance required;
  • Unlimited don't get dinged if you have 10 or more transactions to do simple things such as paying your bills, paying by debit or depositing money into your account 
  • They pay you interest! Ok, it's not much (0.25%), but the fact that they pay you something, while the other banks charge a big plus;
  • First cheque book is free (50 cheques), if you want more than 50, than I believe it will cost you $12.50 for each additional cheque book, which is still cheaper than the big banks;
  • 30 Day Whoops Protection, you'll be covered by up to $250 if you'r bank account is short and you won't pay any fees or interest on the overdrawn  funds as long as you pay it back within 30 days;
  • Free E-mail Money Transfers, you can transfer money for free to anyone, even if they're not with ING Direct, but you'll need to enter their banking info (account #, transit #, and institution #) to transfer the funds..a small hassle, but it's free!;
  • Low-fee Interact e-Transfer, or if you don't have the recipient's banking info or just too lazy, you can transfer them money through Intract for a $1 fee...which is again cheaper than the big banks;
  • E-mail can set up your account so that you get an e-mail alert each time there's a transaction in your account; and
  • ING has a cool and very user-friendly user interface...I love orange!
What's not so great about Thrive?

ING uses the Exchange Network, such as Alterna, HSBC, National Bank and other banks so the number of ABMs you can use for free to withdraw/deposit money into your ING account can be limited in comparison to the major banks and the number of ABMs varies in each city. For myself, there's a sufficient number of ABMs in my city...even an ABM at my it works great for me.  

You can check how many ABMs are in your city and their locations here.

You can do online chat, e-mail or speak on the phone for ING customer service, but if you want face-to-face interaction for your banking needs then ING won't be your cup of tea. If you're more comfortable with a  physical branch, you could continue to bank with one of the big banks, and open up an ING account on the side to reduce the fees you have to pay. You are allowed to have more than one bank, so that's always an option!

So, if you hate bank fees and want to save money...then welcome to Thrive!

Lets also not forget about their awesome referral bonuses. Right now, you can get $50 for opening a chequing account or any account if you're a new customer and depositing $100 with ING. Just remember to use an orange key to get the bonus. I'd be grateful if you use orange key: 35561445S1.

Happy banking....if you're with ING that it is ;)